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    Feed in tariff

    Feed In Tariff

    The Feed In Tariff was introduced by the Government to encourage this renewable generation of electricity.

    The scheme guarantees a minimum payment for renewable electricity generated and exported for 20 years. These payments are made in addition to the electricity generated by the solar installation.

    For example

    A typical domestic solar electricity system with an installation size of 4.0KWP* you could earn and save;

    • £459.31 per year from the generation tariff
    • £71.52 per year from the export tariff
    • £231.20 per year reduction on your electricity bills

    *Example illustrated is for a property located in BS16 postcode, 35⁰ pitched roof, no shading, and with a ‘D’ EPC Rating

    "Total savings of £762.02 per year” and “typical cost of £6595” and “Which represents a
    payback within 8.65 years,11.55% ROI and offering 11 years of taxfree savings! (Jan 2014 FiT Rate)

    Feed In Tariff table


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