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    Planning services

    Planning services

    Paul O’Brien expanded his roofing business in 2010 and incorporated the installation of solar pv systems on domestic and commercial buildings, adding a further arm to his already booming business. This has been so successful it has resulted in an office being opened in Newport in 2012 and a branch in Northern Ireland added in 2013.

    Solar PV has now become affordable to the masses with system costs dropping to an affordable level which is underpinned by the government backed Feed in Tariff (FiT) initiative. Visit the Energy Saving Trust for a full explanation of how the FiT’s work.

    Most properties, whether they be a house or a factory do not need planning permission to install a system due to the relaxation of the planning rules and the national and local commitment to providing individuals and company’s every opportunity to reduce energy bills and  earn money from the FiT scheme.   There has never been a better time to install a solar system. Please contact the office on 0800 774 7000 to ask for a free survey of your property to check its suitability and cost of a system.


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    Why POB Solar?

    Paul O’Brien Solar Installations offer a full cradle to grave solutions and design your solar system, tailored to your requirements and advise on all the key issues.


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