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    A Free rooftop solar panel installation will enable your business to take control over the electricity bill and achieve savings of up to 60 per cent on daytime costs or 3 to 5p per unit of electricity against the standard cost of around 12 to 15p . POB Solar ensures your business will have access to the best available equipment, panels and mounting systems in the world providing long term energy security with high reliability.

    Our dedicated roof team of over 35 in-house roofing experts have deployed hundreds of rooftop solar panel installations all across the United Kingdom and we will work closely together with your business to develop the most suitable and highest performing solar solution. Contact us today to find out more on how your business can start benefitting from solar power.

    Ready for a consultation? To find out more about the benefits of solar energy for your business, talk to a POB project manager today on 01179 522 522 or info@pobsolar.co.uk.

    Why POB Solar?

    Paul O’Brien Solar Installations offer a full cradle to grave solutions and design your solar system, tailored to your requirements and advise on all the key issues.


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