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    The Government threat to solar energy: In Brief

    Solar Panels


    In short, the proposals could begin as early as January and will see assistance end to small scale solar energy projects, as well as an estimated 87% cut in guaranteed prices paid for roof-top solar installations. Energy secretary Amber Rudd is under increasing pressure from industry professionals to re-think her cuts and she has been accused of steering current energy policy in a negative direction.


    The threats to solar energy will have a number of detrimental affects, not only on the environment but on the economy as a whole, which is why a number of high profile energy firms and environmental campaigners have waded into the debate. It is estimated that 20,000 jobs could be lost as a result of cuts and investment in the industry cut by billions, meaning the UK will be pushed from the forefront of developing new green technologies.


    In order for the UK to remain an environmentally conscious society, the incentives to create and generate solar power should remain, the slash in funding to the industry could mean that Britain would move away from their low carbon economy goals and attention could be diverted from the green movement. Shell boss Ben Van Beurden recently stated that solar energy would become the backbone of our energy industry, so it’s vitally important to our future that it’s importance is upheld.

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