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    Beautiful solar projects from around the world



    Sanyo Solar Ark - Japan


    The design of the Sanyo Solar Ark in Japan was inspired by the vision of an ark embarking on a journey to the 21st century. From one end to the other, the total length of the Solar Ark is 315 metres, it is also 31.6 metres tall from the centre of the structure and there are 5,046 solar panels in total.



    Solar Powered Office Complex - China


    Now we go to China and the world’s largest solar powered office complex. Located in Dezhou in the Shangdong Province in northwest China, the 75,000 sq m fan-shaped structure is a multi-use building and boasts exhibition centers, scientific research facilities, meeting rooms, and a hotel - which are all run off the power that the panels generate.



    The Vatican - Italy


    The Vatican has installed an expansive solar energy system on its massive rooftop. More than 2,000 panels have been fixed to the roof enabling the holy city to cut its CO2 emissions by about 225 tonnes a year, saving the equivalent of 80 tonnes of oil annually. The panels aren't visible from the ground level, which leaves the iconic and beautiful skyline unblemished.



    Solar Tower Plant - Spain


    The next solar power plant looks like an image that wouldn’t be too out of place in a biblical scene. The solar tower plant which sits at Sanlucar la Mayor just outside of Sevillie, can provide enough electricity for around 6,000 homes.



    The Yanqi Lake Kempinski Hotel - China


    For our final building we go back over to China and this time, Beijing - a city filled with unusual buildings. The Yanqi Lake Kempinski hotel took its architect 60 days to design, and it features solar panels and a gas power generation system to reduce energy consumption. It is said to look like a rising sun from front, the entrance is shaped like the mouth of a fish and from the side it resembles a scallop - which are all said to represent prosperity.


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