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    Want to know how much you can save with Solar Panels? Just ask Google!



    Project Sunroof is a new online tool, through Google Earth, that is going to help homeowners explore their solar potential, ‘one roof at a time’.


    Residents in the current test regions - as the project is in its pilot stage it’s only available to users in the San Francisco area and Boston -  can simply enter their address and Sunroof will calculate the total net savings and financial benefits of investing in solar panels.


    The tool uses high-resolution aerial mapping through Google Earth and figures out how much sunlight will hit residents rooftops throughout the year. According to Google and their Green Blog, it will even take into account factors like: roof orientation, shade from trees and nearby buildings and local weather. Brilliantly it also allows users to enter their typical electricity bill for a real financial comparison.


    They also hope to connect potential customers with local providers. We must say that we love this idea and can’t wait for Google to roll this out in the UK!


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